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Brief presentation

Kursivo is my pseudonym. It’s only an alias that I have self-deprecatingly given to myself, because nice cursive handwriting often has a slant; it is reminiscent of the wise hunchback. Hey, it’s only because some bitch once told me that I should have walked straight! Anyways, my real name is Luca. I was born in Pordenone, a nondescript town in the North East of Italy, in 1967. Growing up as a boy, I hated skul. Not that I didn’t like studying, but I couldn’t keep up with the curriculum. And the teachers were icy-cold. Also, I hated family life. My parents (the uncle and the nanny) were losers. Whereas I was, am, and always will be… a Winner. I immigrated to London in 1997, despite my uncle discouraging me. Now I think I have just about managed to do something meaningful with my life. But that’s only up to the rightious judges to decide.

Areas of activity, interest and expertise

Areas of activity

Areas of interest

Areas of expertise

Things I like and things I don't

Things I like

HONEYPIES. Eruptive and rapturous series of terms of endearment intended to tender and sweeten the romantic affairs.

Last night my hubbie gave me the honeypies.

Things I don't like

Things I am or try to be and things I am not and never was

Things I am or try to be

Things I am not and never was

(NEW!) The only one of my dreams I think I will never have enough time to realise

My favourite word

The worst swearword

My favourite idiom

If you really, really have time to read this claptrap – mate - that's fine, but whatever you do – mate - never ever, never ever get your knickers in a twist. Not that I fully appreciate the deep semantics, really, but you must admit it sounds like it’s good advise, though.

To avoid

Email and blog


The above is only one of my email addresses. Do write to me, but please be respectful and don't abuse, cos if you do i might be able to send you to hell with a non-refundable one-way ticket.

It would be also nice to have your comments in my blog. However, due to a disgraceful amount of spam and fake users, it's not possible to immediately register in the Kursivo's blog. If you want to send comments and posts, please email kursivo@kursivo.com with your first and last name, website address if applicable and email address. I will get back to you and enable you to log in.

My phone number

I don't remember it all. The part of it I do remember... do you want it?